As a truckload carrier operating across the continental United States and the southern parts of Canada, we specialize in freight deliveries of dry and refrigerated goods. Primarily focused on long-haul routes, we are also equipped to handle short-haul and interstate moves as needed.

With 24/7 dispatch, an experienced pool of 500+ drivers, and fifteen years of experience in the American logistics industry, the AmeriFreight team always provides on-time trucking at competitive rates.



Looking solo or team drivers to make a dedicated, regularly-scheduled run? No problem. Our pool of 500+ drivers is available to provide consistent, dependable service at great rates. AmeriFreight drivers work closely with your dispatchers or automated dispatch software and devices in order to provide the best quality service and beat or meet their deadlines with unparalleled consistency.



The trucking logistics industry never sleeps, and neither does AmeriFreight. Our 24-hour dispatch service is equipped to schedule deliveries at any time from any time zone, and can even accommodate your last-minute requests.

Through our expedited service, we can typically have a driver dispatched within minutes of your call, making it easy for you to keep your important, time-sensitive customers satisfied.



In addition to our industry-leading ground transportation and trucking services, we can also help facilitate shipments via air, rail, sea through our freight brokerage service. Our expert in-house team will ensure that you get a great rate on your shipment with a trusted partner with quick, reliable delivery times.

Using our vast network of national and international logistics industry connections, your Amerifreight Systems broker will always make sure your delivery reaches its destination on-time.

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Our units are all equipped with state-of-the-art satellite tracking devices, making it easy to see where your freight is at any given moment of its journey. These trackers have been integrated into our transportation software, allowing you to use the latest in logistics technology to monitor and track your important freight. Additionally, the around the clock AmeriFreight dispatch team monitors our vehicles 24/7 and can check in on the status of your freight anytime.